The Vigil Honor

From the National OA Website:

Alertness to the needs of others is the mark of the Vigil Honor. It calls for an individual with an unusual awareness of the possibilities within each situation.

The Vigil Honor is the highest honor that the Order of the Arrow can bestow upon its members for service to lodge, council, and Scouting. Membership cannot be won by a person's conscious endeavors.

The Vigil Honor is a high mark of distinction and recognition reserved for those Arrowmen who, by reason of exceptional service, personal effort, and unselfish interest, have made distinguished contributions beyond the immediate responsibilities of their position of office to one or more of the following:

    Order of the Arrow
    Scouting community
    Scout Camp

Under NO circumstances should tenure in Scouting or the Order of the Arrow be considered as reason enough for a Vigil Honor recommendation.

Any member of the Order of the Arrow registered in Scouting and in good standing in a regularly chartered lodge is eligible for recommendation to the National Order of the Arrow Committee for elevation to the Vigil Honor provided that, at the time of the recommendation, the individual has been a Brotherhood member for a minimum of two years. A lodge may nominate a maximum of two percent of their registered Arrowmen once a year, through the Vigil Honor petition, found in the annual re-charter packet. At least 50 percent of all nominated must be under 21 at the time of nomination.

In its history since 1920, Ranachqua has inducted 170 Vigil Honor members.See the list below.



Ranachqua Lodge's 170 Vigil Honor Members


William A. Stumpp (Singing One)


Ferris Howes (Quiet)

Idwal Roberts (Faithful)

Phillip J. Schneider (The Experienced One)


Dr. George Schwartz (Health Giver)

Jerome Sternlicht (To Do Somebody Good)


Milton H. Mawbey (For Good)

John Schuber (Fire Quencher)

Arthur H. Stern (Good Work)


Charles F. Angione (Stillwater)

Vincent Cunningham (Seeker)


Harry T. O’Grady (The Sensitive One)


Milton Earle (Lively One)


Rev. John Davis (He Who Leads)

Frederick W. Drewes (The Diligent One)


Ralph L. Gillen (The Helpful One)

Arthur McCanlig (The Skilled One)


Harry Goebelsman (One Who Searches)

Francis Kafka (One Who Lives Orderly)

Otto Kafka (Able To Make Things)

Julius Yauarkous (The Good One)


Gunther Hecht (Energetic One)

Frank L. Manton, Sr. (The Camp Cook)


Abraham Goldberg (Big Great Large)

Leonard Hoffman (To Be Of Calm Mind)

Frederick Koved (Upright)

Bernard Morse (Great Depth)


Samuel Berkowitz (He Is Able)

Arthur Manning (Tall)

Jack Palius (To Create With The Hands)

Rev. James Parsens (A Believer In Christ)

Juoseph C. Sonneborn (Great Depth)

Stanley Wolder (To Know)


Paul Casper (Free From Care)

Richard Jonas (Speak The Truth)

William Porcelan (Concern For Someone)

Jerry M. Rosenberg (He That Searches)

David Silberstein (Very Peaceable)

Ronald J. Stein (A Calm Mind)

Stuart Stein (Patient)

Robert Zadina (To Be Ones’s Own Master)


William B. Kelly (Energetic Man)

William F. Sanford (Woodsman)


Jeffrey A. Gottlieb (Worker)

B. J. Morosco (One Who Helps)


Vincent Gallogly (To Be Willing To Be Diligent)

David Glazer (To Cause To Be Lively To Make Happy)

Joel Strasser (Mediator)


Bernard M. Drock (Fast Talker Trader)

Calvin J, Nelson (One Who Assists Campers)

Ray Sandusky (One Who Lifts Up Arrow)

Robert D. Smith (Leader)


Sam Dlugin (Able Advisor)

Alfred C. Hill (One Who Persuades To Sing)

Kenneth Nelson (Helper)

Steven G. Rubin (Little Happy One)


John Carhuff (One Who Knows How)

Edward Fink (Capable Assistant)

Robert Lynch (One Who Exhorts)

Jack McGrath (Determined Leader)

Martin Miller (Quick Follower)

George Scharfenbe (Quiet One Who Shows Authority)

Noel J. Smith (Skillful Creator)

Donald J. Trainer (Able Counselor)


Victor Dlugin (Reliable Leader)

Alfred B. Lowy (One Who Grows Fast)

Philip Sternberg (One Who Strengthens)


Michael Feigenbaum (Ardent Creator)

Burton Levy (Determined Builder)

George Meyer (Reliable Overseer)

Daniel O’Leary (Esteemed Camper)

Michael Sanchirico (Calm Minded One)


Sol Baltuck (Silent Listener)

John Schulz (He Who Does Good Work For Neighbors)

Richard Sodikow (He Who Is Concened)

Stuart Steinhauer (Assistant Who Looks Beyond)

John R. Tegtmeier (Loyal One)


Michael J. Bosak (To Spend the Night In Drinking)

Fred Jarecki (To Be By Nature Earnest)

Philip C. Metz (To Hold Counsel Unwillingly)

Bruce Rivera (To Reach Forth The Hand)

Jay E. Schnapp (Capable One)

Steven Strauss (Laborer)

Jack N. Tobin (At Last)

Arthur Vernon (He Who Leads, Serves And Is A Friend)


William Brown (Laborer For Brotherhood)

Howard D. Coffman (To Open The Mouth To Put In Foot)

Charles C. Cozier (Quiet Groundhog)

George Custadio (One Who Does Good Work)

Lee Erde (Woodcutter Able To Make Something)

Joel M. Gottlieb (Contented Innocent Woodpecker)

Elliot D. Klugman (Noisy Babbler With Iron Head)

Michael Shapiro (Sleepy Otter)

August Tegtmeier (To Make Odoriferous Black Smoke)


Joseph Golan (To Appear Repeatedly)


Vincent Faggella (Good Natured Calm Minded Chief Cook)

Olov Hagerbrant (Big Red Bear)

Allen Jones (Reliable Dancing Roach)

Jerome Miller (Patient One)

Dennis Missich (Dancing Easy Rider)

Steven Roth (Lonely Deep Thinking Flying)


Seymour Dorfman (He Who Has Proven True)

Seymour Gottlieb (Doubtful Stubborn One)

Eric Hagerbrant (Fast Talking Treasurer)

Norman Rosenbaum (Dependable Creative Artist)


Paul Eslinger (True And Ernest Spirit)

Kenneth Landau (One Who Seeks Change)

Peter J. Lopez III (Persistent Dancer)

Howard Schoenholt (Large Able Speaker)

Stephen Schoenholt (Quiet Pathfinder)

George Thomas (Steadfast Helper)


Gabe Langer (Concerned Jovial Turkey)

Robert G. Wood (Beaver Who Chews Much Wood)


Gary I. Laermer (One Who Inspires)

David Malatzky (Wilderness Lover)

Collins Williams (Midnight Runner)


Patrick J. Cantwell (Rusty Wrestler)

Calvin McGee (Leader Of The Young)

Eusebio Rodriguez (One Who Links The Frontier)


Evan Camp (Skillful Dancer)

Steven Cohen (Volcano)

Gary M. Hartman (Captain Of The Sea)

Andrew Rivera, Sr. (Teacher Of Leaders)


Raymond Iallonardo (West Wind)

Walter Pfister, Sr. (West Wind)


Edward Lehman (Most Powerful One Who Gets Attention)

Jeffrey Schwartz (Wise One Who Sings)


James J. Deandrea (Loudspeaker Who Gets Attention)

Stephen Schwartz (Gray Haired Bear)

Howard Unger (Small Fast Runner)


Angel C. Falcon, Jr. (Loud Speaker Who Marks Trial)

Conrad Lake (Great Kisser Who Serves Many)

John Shea (Carefree One Who Works Wounded)

Edward J. Weihe, Sr. (Large Guide Who Carries Many)


James R. Deandrea (Zealous One Who Assists Bear)

Angel Falcon, Sr. (Hard Working Big Traveler)

Chris Rosso (Stubborn Intelligent Medicine Man)

Eddie Torres (Crazy Medicine Man Who Is All Good)

Edward J. Weihe, Jr. (High Minded Drum Beater)


Pablo Acosta (Quiet One)

Andrew Netti (Experienced One Crow)

Vincent O’Neill (Persevering One)

Joe Pescador (Medicine Man)

Jose Romero (Noisy Hard Worker)

Anthony Rosado (Bearded One That Does Good Work)

David F. Yanolatos, Sr. (Mighty Chief Advisor)

David F. Yanolatos, Sr. (Zealous One)


Damon Callahan (Mighty Listener)

Stephen Melowsky (Hard Working Big Brother)

Anna Mary O’Neill (Gray-Haired Teacher)

Christopher J. Prescott (Quiet Helpful Medicine Man)

Howard Schneider (Reliable Helper)


Gary Bariotti, Jr (Strong Wind In The Belly)

Alexander Carballo (One Who Plays An Instrument)

Jose Carballo (Collector Who Teaches)

Nicholas De Tiberius (Special One Who Dances On Clear Water)

James F. Dell (Counselor Who Shares Knowledge)

Tom Gervat (Earnest Guide)

George Miaris (Able Leader From The North)


Sean Johnson (Bald Eagle)

Irving Siegel (Experienced One Who Writes)


Gary Bariotti, Sr (One Hard Worker)

John Costello (Happy One)

Michael Herbert, Jr. (Helpful One)

Steven Iuso (Silent One)

Nickie Patterson (One Who Encourages)


Matthew Aronberg (Night Hawk Writer)

Jaime Feliberty, Sr. (Quiet Grey Fox)


Joseph Acquafredda (Teacher of Eagles)

Adam Aronberg (Seeker of Knowledge)


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