Lodge Publications

The official newsletter of Ranachqua Lodge is The Owl which is published as needed, with a minimum of 5 times a year. The Owl was first published in the early 1950s as the successor of an earlier Ranachqua Lodge publication, WULILEU. The most recent issue of The Owl is December, 2007.

Unfortunately, virtually all of the Lodge records were lost and, to add to the problem, Bronx Council destroyed many of their records during their various moves. This has left the Lodge without a significant archive of back issues, and we are actively asking current and former Brothers to donate or provide scans of back issues. A special thanks to Vigil Honor member David Malatzky who is making his personal copies of The Owl available for scanning.

Archives of The Owl

Year Issue
2007 February (211 KB); May (639 KB); December (322 KB)
2006 January (1,066 KB); August (612 KB); October (718 KB); November (428 KB)
2005 October (861 KB); November (6,581 KB)
2004 (forthcoming)
2003 November (2,668 KB); December (2,330 KB)
1953-2002 Missing
1952 February1 (774 KB); May1 (972 KB)
1. courtesy of the TMR Scout Museum Archives


Last Updated: December 13, 2007