The History of Ranachqua Lodge #4

Ranachqua Lodge has a long and distinguished history dating back to 1920 and the old Camp Ranachqua on Kanawaukee Lakes. During this time, it has given uninterrupted service to the Bronx Council, GNYC camping, and the wider community.

The history of the Lodge will be presented in multiple and complimentary ways. The first of these is a linear text history of the Lodge, highlighting its major events and personalities including a list of the Lodge Chiefs and the Vigil Honor members of the Lodge.

The second major means of presenting Lodge history will be through personal narratives of those that lived it. Any Brother, past or present, who would like to participate in this is urged to do so. It can be an overview of the time you were active in the Lodge, your recollection of individual events, or just some little vignettes of something that stuck you as funny or interesting.

Other ways of approaching Lodge history we are using include the presentation of an archive of the Lodge insignia / patches, souvenir items such as dinner programs, guidebooks, old by-laws and other paper, Lodge publications such as The Owl., and photos of the Lodge and its activities. Many of these resources will be shattered throughout the site, but we’ll provide you links to all of them from this page.

To be successful in developing the Lodge history, it is extremely important that all Brothers, past and present, contribute. All of the Lodge copies of our archives were lost a couple of years ago, and Council destroyed their copies in the move form one headquarters to another. So we really need Brother to share their experiences and recollections, and to let us scan Lodge paper items and photos to rebuild our archives. These will then be made available on CDs and/or DVDs so that this loss will not occur again.

Last Updated: May 29, 2007