Ranachqua Lodge By-Laws

The Lodge is governed by four things: the Order of the Arrow Handbook, the Guide for Officers and Advisors (free download) along with other national policies, the practices and policies of Greater New York Councils, and and finally its own by-laws. Within the framework of National OA policy, each Lodge has a wide degree of latitude with respect to how it accomplishes the mission and goals of the Order of the Arrow. Such things as Lodge officers, committees, finances, and activities are governed by individual Lodges by their By-Laws. These matters, as well as issues such as number of meetings, quorums, etc. that effect the way a Lodge does things, are set forth in the Lodge's by-laws.

The Lodge Executive Committee will be proposing a new set of Lodge Bylaws. These will be voted upon at the March 11, 2007 General Lodge Meeting. The proposed 2007 revision will be available for download following final review of the LEC at their February 5th meeting. Check out the major changes in the new By Laws, or download a a full text copy of the 2007 Proposed By-Laws. The new By-Laws promise to be the most comprehensive revision since 1965, so Brothers should please make some time to take a look.

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Last Updated: February 2, 2007