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Greater New York Councils - The Bronx 641
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***Mrs. Edna Acquafredda (Troop 240) Appointed ***
New Lodge Advisor for 2009.
Effective Jan. 1, 2009.

***Up-dates in progress.***
2009 Lodge Dues and 2009 Spring Ordeal-Brotherhood forms up-dated.

***Hello Brothers,
As this year begins, it is time to reflect. Is this the year you will make a difference? With the new year come new opportunities. Ranachqua Lodge #4 began 2009 "Under New Management". New Officers were elected at the December 7, 2008 General Election Meeting(see below) and a new Lodge Advisor has been appointed to guide the Lodge into the future.

Be part of our future success! Together, we all can make a difference! Now is the time to stand up and be counted! Support your Lodge, The Executive Board and new Lodge Advisor. Committees are reforming and chairmen, and members, are needed, as well as adult committee advisors. You are the Lodge! Contact the Lodge Leadership and be counted!


***New Lodge Officers for 2009.***
Elections held Dec. 7, 2008 at Fordham Prep.

***Ranachqua Lodge #4 held their annual Lodge Officer Election Meeting at Fordham Prep December 7, 2008. New officers were elected for 2009.

Congratulations to the new officers of Ranachqua Lodge #4 Lodge Chief-Michael C.-Troop 102
Lodge Vice-Chief-Sean B.-Troop 240
Lodge Secretary-Gabriel L.-Troop 240
Lodge Treasurer-Sean R.-Troop 102
Please support our new officers as we move into the new year!

***A proposition has been formally proposed to the Lodge Executive Committee to make two (2) amendments to the Ranachqua Lodge By-Laws. Article 1, Section 3, Paragraph 3 states that, “Lodge Officers shall be elected at the Lodge Election Meeting. The terms of all officers shall commence on January 1st following their election and shall terminate on December 31st of that same year.” If passed, it shall read: “Lodge Officers shall be elected at the Lodge Election Meeting. The terms for all Lodge Officers shall commence on the first of September, following their election and shall terminate on August 31st of the following year.” “The elections for Lodge Officers for the year 2009 shall grant Officers terms that will commence on January 1st of 2009 and terminate on August 31st of that same year.” To resolve Article 3, Section 2, Paragraph 5, “The elections of Officers shall take place once a year during the last Lodge Meeting of the year, upon ten (10) days written notice to the Lodge Membership,” it shall read: “The elections of Officers shall take place once a year during the Lodge Election Meeting of June upon ten (10) days notice to the Lodge Membership, but elected Officers will not have their terms begin until September first of that same year.”

The General Membership of the Lodge will vote upon these amendments on October 26 at the General Lodge Meeting following the Ordeal.

*** Ranachqua Lodge #4 sponsored its first Lodge Leadership Development Seminar (LLD) in a long time on Saturday, October 4, 2008, It ran from 9:00 AM till 1:00 PM at St. Helena’s Church, located at 1315 Olmstead Ave at Westchester Ave, Bronx, NY. The training team was comprised of NE-7B Section Vice Chief Jonathan Whitaker, Michael DeRuyter and Section Advisor Jess Hurwitz. A job well done. Five (5) youth and five adults took advantage of this opportunity to learn more about the Order of the Arrow and lodge functions. Below are the sessions that were offered. A shortened schedule was held to accommodate the numbers. Pizza and soda was provided to all!

Sessions offered were: Youth Sessions:
Unit Elections
Vigil Selection
Job Descriptions of Lodge Officers
Adult Sessions:
Strategic Plan
Roles of Advisers
Setting the Example
Joint Sessions:
Shared Leadership
Membership Retention & Communication

***The 2008 Fall Ordeal-Brotherhood and Service Weekend was held on the weekend of October 24-26, 2008 at Alpine Scout Camp.

Congratulations to our new Brothers

*** The new Lodge resale items are in and available at Lodge functions. This includes the standard Lodge Flap (S29), the new Lodge Vigil Honor flap (S30), and the Lodge's new Eastern Woodland standard flap (S31) which will raise money for the Ceremonies team to fabricate new ritual costumes. The new Lodge neckerchief (N15), the first since the 60th Anniversary in 1980,is also now available. See "New Resale" below.

*** See "Breaking News" below for more details on these and other important items. You can also check out the full Calendar of Lodge Events.

"The Owl" - December 2007

"National OA Bulletin" - March 2007.

Greetings From The Chief

Pending message from 2009 Lodge Chief.

Yours In Brotherhood,
Michael C.
Lodge Chief

"For he needs have faith and courage
Straight and true must be his course
Who holds through many moons unflinching
To pledges made in early manhood"
Meteu, Pre-Ordeal Ceremony, ca 1962

Breaking News:


The Vigil Honor nominees for 2006 and 2007 were announced at the May meeting of the Lodge Executive Committee. Selected in 2006 were Matt Aronberg (Communications Chairman) and Jaime Feliberty, Sr (Lodge Advisor.) Ranachqua is eligible to nominate three brothers in 2007, and two of these were announced - Adam Aronberg (Unit Elections Chairman) and long time member Joseph Acquafredda (currently Ceremonies Committee Advisor.) The induction was held on June 15-16th at Alpine. Look here to learn about the Vigil Honor and see a listing of all those honored by Ranachqua Lodge since 1924.

*** The Founders' Awards for 2006 were presented at the May Lodge Executive Committee Meeting. Former Chief (current Vice-Chief) Justin Andreadis and Lodge Advisor Jaime Feliberty, Sr. were the recipients. Look here to learn about this award and see a listing of all the former recipients.

New Resale:

The newest issues for Ranachqua Lodge are featured below. For a full list of all resale currently available, please visit the Resale Page on this site.

Orders are still being taken on the limited edition Ranachqua N15 Neckerchief, the first in 25+ years. The neckerchief sells for $15.00, with a limited run of 100. Get yours while they are still available!

The limited edition Ranachqua S31 flap has sold out. The patch sold for $10.00 with all profits being used to upgrade and refurbish the Lodge's Ceremonial Team costumes. There were only 100 of these flaps made. mail order.


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